Divinity Hall

Divinity Hall was built in 1826 and is the oldest building in the Harvard Divinity School at Harvard University. The Hall was designed by Solomon Willard and Thomas Sumner. It was the first Harvard building constructed outside Harvard Yard.

The structure is a rectangular two story Flemish bond brick building with select brownstone trim. In its early days, Divinity Hall contained the entire Divinity School. It was later used as a dormitory, then classrooms. Some notable residents have included Ralph Waldo Emerson, Theodore Parker, and philosopher George Santayana.

Folan was contracted over several summers to repair the failing chimneys and brownstone trim. Some of the chimney structures were restored in place by means of custom designed anchoring & grout systems manufactured by VoidSpan Technologies.

Andover Hall

The Andover Theological Seminary built Andover Hall, which was completed in 1911 at a cost of $300,000. It was designed by the firm of Allen and Collens, which specialized in ecclesiastical and neo-medieval designs. Harvard bought Andover Hall in 1935.

Andover Hall Theological Library is home to nearly 80,000 rare books. The Hall is the center of academic, administrative and student life at the Harvard Divinity School. The historic building houses classrooms, a lecture hall, a multi-faith chapel, and faculty and staff offices.

Folan was contracted over a 2-year period, during their summer break to restore the deteriorated mortar joints and structural stone components. Over 80 custom fabricated Indiana Limestone units were removed and replicated from a local supplier. We worked closely with the Divinity School Facility Department & Cambridge Historical Society in matching the stone finishes and color throughout the entire project. Each phase was successfully completed on time and within budget.